3 Tips to design a Great Lightning Scheme in your kitchen

Lighting is one of those kinds of details that change everything. You can convert the space just by adding different and modern lights, making your kitchen renovation a simple task.

A couple of years ago, we didn’t think much about lighting. Now, we discover the importance of knowing how you’re going to design the space to build a lighting plan that perfectly matches every corner.

Some current trends in lighting are pendant sconces, decorative sconces, LED track lighting, sconces, table and floor lamps, considering all lighting surfaces, such as walls and ceiling. By selecting the type and model, you can design where you want light.

Natural light, dining table, architectural features and furniture are some of the aspects that you have to keep in mind to create a correct lighting scheme. Here we can help you with 3 tips to draw a lighting plan, and help you determine the best points for lights to be situated.

Think about how much lighting the room needs

During the day, we probably don’t notice the absence of light. However, we have to calculate the amount of the light needed for a particular space, counting on the fact that the light need not come from a single source, it can come from a combination of different lights.

Each situation needs functional or ambient lighting. Functional to enable completing the tasks at hand in the kitchen, but the most important is the ambience that a more decorative and accent lighting can create.

Take advantage of natural light

The natural light can play in the overall feel and ambience of your home should not be overlooked when creating a lighting scheme.

With natural light, it is important to take into account the hours in which the space will be used the most, because that is when you can take advantage of natural light and apply more yellow lights on the side, whiter lights at night and dimmer lights in the morning.

Likewise, it is essential to select the style and design of light so that it can be intensified or not with the natural light available in the space.

Select designs that speak for themselves

What do you want to transmit? What feeling are you looking for? What are the predominant colors? These questions can help you get the ideal design that best suits each space and your needs. As we already mentioned, building a lighting plan is not only based on light, but on the design of the space as a whole.

Pendant lamps are one of the most used designs when it comes to kitchen renovation, especially for the dining area. However, wall sconce options can also play an interesting role.

Lighting can have an extensive effect on the look and feel of a home. Hopefully these practical tips are helpful when you build or renovate your kitchen.

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