5 Kitchen Countertop Ideas

A kitchen is arguably the most important room of a house. It’s generally the most used room and the room that’s seen the most often. For these reasons, you want it to look nice and welcoming. There’s actually a lot to a kitchen; however, the countertops always appear to stand out more than any other features. So, make your countertops stand out for good reasons, not bad ones. Here are 5 kitchen countertops ideas to consider:

Contrasting Colors

Contrast, of course, means different or the opposite of something. With this countertop idea, your kitchen will have a unique look because of the differing colors. For instance, a combination of black and white throughout your kitchen is a really appealing look. It looks good whether it’s black counter tops with white cupboards or white counter tops with black cupboards. Either way, it will result in a look that can’t be ignored.

Many San Diego homeowners experiment with different combinations, such as light blue or lime green countertops with white cabinetry. Combinations like these give a kitchen more of a warm look rather than a modern one.

Thick Slab

You might be starting to see thick slab countertops used more often. This type of countertop is becoming a growing trend. Slabs, usually 3-5’’ in width, give a bold look to a kitchen. You can buy thick slab countertops in practically any material, but they look best with natural stone. Whether it’s granite, quartz, limestone, slate, or marble, thick slab countertops have the power to define a kitchen.


Another popular countertop choice for today’s modern home design is concrete. While concrete countertops are chosen primarily for their functions, they actually make a cool design. Concrete matches the theme of any kitchen and it’ll last you a long time.


Wrapped counter tops are unique because they extend all the way down to the floor, at least the edges do. The longer a part of the kitchen counter stays open to allow for seating, but the narrower sides right angle and touch the floor. The same materials is used throughout. It is important to notice that wrapped countertops are perfect for island counters rather than attached counters.


Who said you can only use one type of countertop in your kitchen? Why can’t you use 2? Or 3? Or 4? Okay, 3 or 4 may be stretching it, but 2 totally different materials can create a high-quality look. Of course, this concept only really works well with an island. You can install laminate countertops in your island and install granite or quartz on the surrounding countertops. The options are limitless, just be sure you get samples or play the look out in your head before committing. The multi-tone often is the coolest of all kitchen countertops concepts, however it is also the riskiest.

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