5 Things to Know About Marble Countertops, San Diego

You’ve decided to invest in a whole home renovation and update your bathrooms, kitchen, and other components of your home. At the time you’ve decided to embark on a whole home renovation, you’ve likely considered some design elements that you want to incorporate into the overall look and feel of the remodeled space. If not, that’s okay too. Precision Home Design’s designers can walk you through the process and help you make design selections that fit your desired vision. If you are looking to add a touch of beauty and elegance to your kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel, consider marble countertops.

Marble has come to be the epitome of luxury. The word “marble” comes from the Greek word meaning “shining stone.” Its cool, smooth look makes bathrooms and kitchens with marble countertops glisten. For those homeowners interested in incorporating a beautiful marble countertop showpiece into your renovation or design, we have compiled five things you should know.

3 Common Types of Marble

There are three main types of marble. Carrara marble is the most popular type. It is named for the region in Tuscany, Italy where it is from. This gray, streaky type of marble is the one you’ve probably seen most in design magazines and websites. The background is a cloudy gray, with light gray streaks, called veins, that take on a feathery appearance.

Calacatta marble, considered a luxury stone, is more rare. It has a whiter look than Carrara as you can see in the picture below from a kitchen remodel highlighted in Remodelista. 

The third type of marble is called Statuario, or Statuary Marble. This stone has a large white background punctuated with darker gray veins. It’s the type of marble most often used for statues like Michelangelo’s David, but can also be used in countertops. 

Each Marble Slab is One of a Kind

Like many things in nature, no two slabs of marble are exactly alike, giving your remodeling project a unique, one-of-a-kind design. The uniqueness of every piece of marble comes from its imperfections. 

Marble is formed over millions of years from limestone that is under an immense amount of pressure and heat. Over time, the limestone becomes hard and dense during a process called recrystallization. The gray veining in the stone is created by mineral deposits during the recrystallization process. Sand, clay, or silt can also appear during recrystallization and imprint bolder vein colors like green, pink, yellow, or gold into the marble. These “impurities” give marble some of its most unique and striking features.

Marble Requires Extra Care

Though absolutely gorgeous, marble is a high-maintenance countertop and might not be ideal for every kitchen or family. It scratches more easily than granite and can chip when struck hard. Use thick cutting boards or butcher blocks when preparing food and pot holders or trivets when placing warm pots or dishes on the countertop. That’s not to say that marble countertops shouldn’t be considered, but they do require more maintenance than other kitchen countertop options.

Marble Can Stain

As a porous rock it can also soak up stains.  It’s important to be particularly aware of what you are sitting on your kitchen countertops if they are marble. Keep acidic foods in bowls or plates on top of the marble since acid can, over time, remove polish or sealants on the marble’s finish. Do not clean it with harsh chemicals either. Only use cleaners you’d feel comfortable using on your own body. Even oil from your skin could erode polishes over time, so some regular maintenance of the marble may be involved to keep it as glistening as on your installation day. 

Marble Countertop Price Range

Though some maintenance is required, marble countertops are a stunning way to add grandeur to your kitchen or bathroom. While Carrara Marble is more common and therefore cheaper, the price of marble can fluctuate based on the thickness, color, and quality. Generally, the whiter the marble, the more expensive it can be. Precision-SD designers will help you select a countertop material that is within your budget. 

San Diego Design-Build

While there are many things you should know about marble before you purchase it, there is no denying its beauty. Marble countertops create a beautiful, elegant design in any room. If you’d like to incorporate marble into your next kitchen renovation, contact Precision Home Design, an award-winning design-build firm in San Diego, CA for a consultation. 

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