Precision Home Design & Remodeling is a construction company located in San Diego, CA. It was founded on the principles of being truthful and devoted to our customers showing them the right path towards what a project should be.

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Precision Home Design & Remodeling values respect and integrity above all else. We embrace transparency. Doing what’s right no matter what is the factor we execute and our customers can vouch when we say that your satisfaction in what we do is a must.
From the first meeting, we make maximum effort to educate our prospective clients about every aspect of home remodeling, so in turn, they could make an informed decision in prioritizing the importance of the different projects they want to get done base on their budget.
Transparency also means open communications on all aspects. We provide dedicated and professional customer service team that is ready to answer any questions at any given moment.
To achieve greatness, one must be able to grasp all the aspects that are incorporated in our respective industry and present to those we serve the work so immaculate that it conveys to our clients that, “small details matter”.
Know that in all that we achieve and continue to deliver, we aim to leave the home owners we work alongside with the way Precision Home Design & Remodeling upholds their famous motto, “great reputation is our foundation” as we give life to their vision while displaying all that makes our company great.
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